Sales Assistant

Sales Assistant

Job Responsibility

1. Able to communicate and coordinate with customers to handle orders;

2. Able to communicate with domestic and foreign suppliers by email or phone;

3. Responsible for reviewing sales contracts, sorting out invoicing information, etc.;

4. Sort out related documents;

5. Coordinate the cooperation with other departments;

Job Qualifications

1. College degree or above, major in management or foreign language, which will be preferred;

2. Have a strong sense of responsibility, good language skills, communication and coordination skills;

3. Strong learning ability, proactive and eager to develop;

4. Brave to accept new things, creative and forward-looking, hard-working, practical;

5. Strong work enthusiasm and proactive service awareness;

6. Good English listening, speaking and writing skills, cet 6 or above is preferred, proficient in office software;

7. Full-time intern in the junior and senior years, can provide internship certificate and have the opportunity to become a full-time intern.